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…the dance inspired body toning class which combines core strengthening movements with intense cardio exercise. Employing proven techniques from the world of ballet, this immensely enjoyable fitness program promotes flexibility and vigour, improving aerobic capacity, posture and muscle tone.

Ballet workout

You needn’t be a dancer to participate in this energising and rewarding workout routine.  Nor even have had any previous training. BalletBeFit is for anyone wishing to improve their body, at any stage of life, whether new to exercise or experienced. Find a class near you or workout at home with our latest Ballet Workout DVD!

Ballet Fitness

This dance based workout will have a profound effect on your fitness levels, stamina and body composition - especially when accompanied by simple lifestyle changes such as diet.  BalletBeFit is an intense, low impact workout that will leave you in no doubt as to why dancers’ bodies are so strong, flexible and beautiful.

Become a certified instructor

Fitness professionals, enhance your class portfolio with this hugely popular ballet-based workout routine.

  • Fantastic class numbers retention
  • Multi-level potential, from beginner to INTENSE
  • Perfect for back-to-back classes

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Time to drop a little-black-dress-size

This summer 100’s of women got bikini-ready thanks to the amazing BalletBeFit Low Impact Workout DVD.  Now, with party season just around the corner, it’s time to drop a Little-Black-Dress-Size!  Work those glutes and abs at home with expert guidance from Rachel Withers.  Choreographed to combine holds, reps and statics, the BalletBeFit™ DVD guarantees a thorough home workout and gives you a sense of actually being in the class.  It’s the perfect way to get in shape for that LBD, so order your DVD today! read more…

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“I have done the workout a few times and am getting stronger with every session, managing a little bit more on each occasion… I have many ballet workout DVDs but this is my favourite due to its honesty, approachability and beauty!” Ruth, Dorset